Maintaining high international standards in safety and guaranteeing the life of our employees in the operational activities is a priority objective, beyond being an added value the living and strategic commitment that our corporation demonstrates; is the faithful fulfillment in implementing policies of permanent improvement in the area of safety and occupation health that manage to reduce the inherent risks.


Exen is committed to guarantee the wellbeing of its employees through the execution of all operations under the most favorable conditions in terms of Health, Safety, Quality and Environment preservation, in compliance with local and international regulations.

  1. Comply with the national standards and regulations on Health, Safety, Quality and Environment preservation, as well as Exen policies and procedures. This is a responsibility of all company employees including managers who need to ensure no deviations from regulations, policies and procedures.
  2. Guarantee optimum working and safety conditions through the implementation and promotion of the HSE-Q integrated program, in order to minimize and control risks inherent to the activity, as well as to maintain in optimal conditions equipment and materials used at work.
  3. Conduct inspections regularly, in order to detect unsafe acts and / or unsafe conditions that could cause an accident, incident, occupational illness or damage to the environment, being the duty of the company to investigate, notify and disclose in a timely manner and before the corresponding agencies any undesirable event and implement the corrective actions to avoid its repetition.
  1. To promote job satisfaction, establishing measures, plans and motivational programs that allow to maintain a good working environment among the staff.
  2. To recruit prepared personnel with a high degree of responsibility and commitment towards the execution of their activities, providing training and development, both in professional skills and in HSE-Q aspects, for the best performance of their activities, maintaining a proactive and preventive attitude in them.
  3. To evaluate the HSE-Q management system, with the implementation of audits to detect deviations that may affect the conditions, safe working environment and all documentation to take corrective actions, guaranteeing a continuous improvement, achieving excellence in our organization.