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In EXEN we strive for a diverse workforce as part of our organizational culture. In line with our business expansion and strategy, we hire where we work and develop our people based on their potential to support the business needs.


We are dedicated on facilitating our people with all the tools and support they need to succeed at their careers. A mix in profiles and backgrounds, identifying the added value of a diverse team in competencies, creates the perfect atmosphere to generate new ideas and ways to do business.

Our variety of backgrounds and experience, facilitate for a better decision making, drive innovative thinking and inspire collaboration at all levels. This translates into working on an open, fair and equitable environment, that is also backed by our code of ethics, with the final goal to ensure a respectful work environment in which everyone can achieve their true professional potential.

These initiatives come through our learning and development strategy, sharing the responsibility to promote a collaboration environment, and at the same time driven by both parties. On one side our leaders and managers are committed to coaching, assessing employee´s competencies and provide continuous and objective feedback. On the other side employees are encouraged to seek feedback, work with their peers and supervisors in their own development plan, and document achievable targets.

The development of our people relies on a continuous performance management system, flexible and open to adapt to business changes.
The Four-Axis Principle in continuous performance management.
Our system aims to combine the 4 main areas of impact from each and every one.


EXEN people strive to excel at:

  • Commitment and discipline
  • Leadership
  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility – Dynamism
  • Excellence – quality of work
  • Goal oriented
  • Proactivity
  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Professional integrity
  • Organization and planning

Our people are always encouraged to go further, no matter what our expertise might be within our field of work, we always seek new ways of doing things, in an agile manner to provide the best services and technologies in the benefit of our customers.

Going beyond also means building close relationship with the communities where our services are provided, caring for the environment and giving back. Working with social programs, supporting local initiatives involving our people giving back to where they come from in various forms: Education, health, environment, etc. By doing this, we aim to keep integrity at the heart of our company and a working condition.