Our corporation has implemented a Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System to establish the necessary tools and criteria to help to improve all processes in the operations and activities we carried out in the industry. 

The level of compromise of a corporation with an HSE-Q culture is determined by the conviction of its management and all employees to strictly follow up the Management System at all times and conditions. We are decided to become leaders in terms of HSE-Q performance in everything we do.

Our integral HSE-Q management system defines the principles that shall impulse our operations, as well as enables us to focus in our Service Quality that forms part of our operational excellence philosophy and culture. Our HSE culture helps us to continuously improve our processes and activities all the time.


During its life, EXEN has created systems that support the culture of superior performance: “Passionate about Excellence”.

This statement transmits our “Operational excellence” culture, reflected in everything we do, considering that by fulfilling our operational processes we are destined to success.

Our workforce is significantly based on the theory that incidents are preventable, based on policies, processes, tools and behavioral expectations to help us achieve our goals. Our vision is to be a leading free of incidents company in Latin America, providing reliable services to our customers with the promise and firm position to generate absolute confidence, meeting their requirements, and exceeding their expectations in all jobs we execute.

Operational excellence requires constant attention to several details in the working processes. Identifying problems quickly and systematically has provided us with a methodology of continuous improvement, which places us in the path of a culture of zero defects.

EXEN, aiming on achieving EXCELLENCE in everythign we do, we make significant investments in training our people to improve their skills and competencies to face the challenges of our clients and the industry challenges in general.

We believe that excellence in quality generates solid and lasting business relationships. The quality system provides the requirements that facilitates the manufacture, installation and provision of reliable services and products, thus managing to meet demands and customer satisfaction during the different stages of the working process in the oil industry.